The X-Files: Season 6: Remember back in March when we told you that Fox would replace your "supposidly" faulty X-Files Disc because of poor quality? Well, it seems Fox WILL NOT be replacing those discs that contains the episode in question, "Triangle". Here's the official word:

"Please note Ten Thirteen's response to Consumer complaints about the quality of episode 6X03 TRIANGLE:

6X03 TRIANGLE was an experimental episode in which Creator Chris Carter shot in low light (sometimes only 1 candle power in a given frame). Each of the five acts were shot as one continuous take. Because of the low light, the image appears grainy and is hard to see at times. Also note that the aspect ratio varies for each of the five acts. This was intentional.

Both Fox and Ten Thirteen feel that this episode has been released in the best quality possible for the DVD format and that the image you are seeing is intentional."

Thanks to The Digital Bits