RHI Entertainment and Larry Levinson Productions are going into production on Pandemic, a four-hour miniseries for Hallmark Channel that centers on a deadly unknown virus, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Pandemic stars Tiffani Thiessen, Vincent Spano, Faye Dunaway, Eric Roberts, French Stewart, Bruce Boxleitner, Renee Taylor and Bob Gunton.

The project tells the tale of what happens when inexplicable flu-like symptoms kill a young man aboard an airliner en route to Los Angeles from Australia. After ordering a quarantine of all the passengers, Dr. Kayla Martin (Thiessen) from Centers for Disease Control must race against the clock and across the globe to find Patient Zero as the virus spreads.

Stewart portrays another doctor, Carl Ratner, while Gunton plays Martin and Ratner's boss. Roberts plays the mayor of Los Angeles, and Dunaway portrays the governor of California.