Imperia Entertainment, Inc. has announced that Say it in Russian, a film staring renowned Academy award winning actress Faye Dunaway, will be released shortly. Ms. Dunaway has been a Hollywood favorite for years and is considered one of the last great classical actresses in the industry. She has been a star in such films as Three Days of the Condor, Little Big Man, China Town, Mommie Dearest and Network. This stunning actress will now grace the screen of Imperia Entertainment's Say it in Russian in a calculating and sophisticated role that will delight audiences worldwide.

Currently the film is in the final stages of post production (sound, music and picture) and is working towards a near future release date of May 1st or sooner. Imperia currently has engaged the sound lab, Digital Dreams, Inc., to complete mastering all sound, effects and voice dubbing. The composer, Vincent Gillioz, is 85% complete and will finish at the end of next week and then record the music with an orchestra. The digital intermediary, Cranium Filmworks, Inc., has onlined the entire film, and is adjusting color, inserting stock shots and replacing green-screened shots with picture and adding digital effects. All three steps are expected to be completed by the first week of April, and Cranium will output the final product (the film out) to 35mm film for presentation to distributors and theatrical release, as well as different digital media for delivery in all formats.