Netflix has been cranking out a lot of new material over the last year. The streaming juggernaut has put a lot of money into original content which is a huge leap from the days of just showing movies. The most recent project is based off the teenage horror fiction series written by American author R. L. Stine, starting in 1989. 

The new trilogy that is set to be released on Netflix has a lot of people excited and feeling a little nostalgic. The first movie Fear Street Part 1: 1994 is out now and the clip sets the tone for what is going to be a creepy ride. 

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In this movie we see a series of brutal slayings take place in a small town. That's when a teen and her friends take on an evil force that has been plaguing the town for centuries. All thanks to a witch who cursed the whole place in 1666 (sounds about right.)

In the most recent clip the band of teens have found out exactly why their town is under a blanket of darkness. Oh and a nursery rhyme to back up the claims or at least make you feel like sleeping with the light on.

"Before the witch's final breath, she found a way to cheat her death... Like cutting off her cursed hand, she kept her grip upon the land."

Not sure why anyone would want to read this out loud or to children but it is pretty clear that this explains a lot of the supernatural experiences these teenagers have seen. 

Netflix plans to release the other two parts in this trilogy later in the coming weeks. This is a unique way of experiment that the streaming giant is testing out for viewers. 

These movies may not have been created with binge-watching in mind, but in many ways it changes the way we have grown to know with Netflix. Because the reality is that the movies were designed to be binged even though they are all spaced out over three weeks. It's a unique experiment designed for this genre. 

The movies go though history across three time periods. Part one is set in 1994, followed by 1978 and 1666. Though they tell individual stories, they're all tightly connected to the Shadyside (the name says it all) myths and evil history. And yes you should watch them in the order they are released. 

Netflix stated that the three movies were filmed over a 108-day period in Atlanta. A lot of this is new for the company as they typically like to release their series all at once for a true "binge" experience. Disney+ on the other hand has been releasing their shows on a weekly basis to create viewer retention and make an event experience with each show. 

With all the hype of this trilogy and the popularity of the horror genre, we could see more of this style of release moving forward. Don't worry though because series like Stranger Things, The Ozarks and others will still be dropped like they have before. 

You can watch the clips and the first five minutes on YouTube or just sit back and enjoy the first installment while you eagerly wait for part two followed a week later by part three.