You can exhale. There won't be a crossover between The Walking Dead and its spinoff series Fear the Walking Dead. At least, not anytime soon. While crossovers are more popular now than they ever were, it's almost logistically impossible for both of these shows to ever meet up. And it's all because of the timeline.

Fear the Walking Dead is a quasi-prequel to The Walking Dead that shows the events of the zombie apocalypse from the start. The Walking Dead Season 1 events happen roughly six months or later from what we're seeing now in Fear Season 2. And quite a lot of time has passed on the original show, while we're still roughly in the first weeks of Fear the Walking Dead's timeline. Because of this, showrunner Dave Erickson thinks it's impossible to have the El Sereno survivors meet the gang currently holding up in Alexandria. About a crossover happening, he bluntly states the following.

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"No. That's the one straight answer I can give you.  The chronology is so far apart, and there's a continent between them."

That makes perfect sense. Though, it is possible that Rick and his crew of survivors could bump into one of the Fear the Walking Dead characters further along in his life, removed from the events that we'll see play out in Fear the Walking Dead Season 2. But at that, all of the El Sereno survivors could be dead at this point. Something we wouldn't put past the show, as the franchise has both a love and propensity for killing off its leading cast. In keeping the timelines running as they are, both shows will continue to be apart for the foreseeable future.

That hasn't stopped rumors of a crossover from spreading across the Internet ever since Fear the Walking Dead was first announced. And while these characters won't interact anytime soon, what's to stop one of the Fear the Walking Dead characters from showing up as zombie somewhere down the line? That is entirely plausible. Though, they'd have to have a pretty good reason for traveling all the way across country. As it stands, Fear the Walking Dead will start with its cast out on the open sea. Where they are heading, we have no idea.

Several The Walking Dead cast members have expressed interested in showing up on Fear the Walking Dead. And there are any number of scenarios for an Easter egg cameo to take place. We'll have to wait and see how it all plays out this spring. Fear the Walking Dead returns in just two weeks with all-new episodes. Season 2 kicks off Sunday, April 10 at 9pm EST. Will you be there?