It's been nearly a week since we've seen anything new from Fear the Walking Dead, but today we get the first teaser poster. It features one lone zombie wandering the halls of an abandoned building as chaos appears to be erupting in the dirty window behind it. Is this the Los Angeles school where most of the action takes place? We're not quite sure.

Fear the Walking Dead follows Kim Dickens as guidance counsellor Madison, and Cliff Curtis as divorced teacher Travis. The two are involved in a relationship, and are dealing with their respective children, when the first signs of a zombie outbreak begin to appear. The unknown virus begins to spread quite rapidly in these first 6-episodes.

Fear the Walking Dead doesn't have an exact premiere date at this time, but it will arrive before summer comes to a close, which means it could premiere in late August. Season 2 is already confirmed for 2016. Last week, we got to see new Fear the Walking Dead photos. This was later followed by an update from series creator Robert Kirkman, who assures us that the Fear the Walking Dead timeline will eventually merge with its predecessor The Walking Dead. Take a look at this latest poster and let us known what you think:

<strong><em>Fear the Walking Dead</em></strong> Poster
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B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange