Long before Fear the Walking Dead debuted on AMC, it was confirmed that the series would not connect to the flagship series The Walking Dead, meaning there won't be characters crossing over from each show. This makes sense, since Fear the Walking Dead is set just before the zombie apocalypse starts, in Los Angeles, thousands of miles away from Rick and his crew in The Walking Dead. While that plan hasn't changed, Entertainment Weekly reveals that AMC is planning a standalone web series that will air in brief snippets during commercial breaks of The Walking Dead this fall, which will reveal a new character appearing in Fear the Walking Dead Season 2.

AMC is producing a half-hour special that is set on a commercial airline flight, during the Fear the Walking Dead timeline, where passengers must contend with a zombie attack in mid-flight. One character who survives this attack will be featured in Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead. The special will debut online, before being part of The Walking Dead Season 6, debuting Sunday, October 11. Unfortunately, that is all we know at this point, which leaves several lingering questions.

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It is assumed that the flight in question will be heading to Los Angeles, since that is where Fear the Walking Dead is set, but that hasn't been confirmed. If that is the case, that means we could see a scene at the massive Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), although it isn't known if they would actually shoot at the busy airport or not, if this is the route they plan on going. We also don't know what this special/web series will be called at this time.

We also don't know how many on-air segments the half-hour special will be cut into, or when exactly they will debut. Since The Walking Dead airs 16 episodes a season, it's possible this special could be spread out in two-minute chunks throughout the entire season, which is split into two eight-episode halves. Fear the Walking Dead showrunner Dave Erickson and co-executive producer Dave Weiner are set to produce the web series. While this will mark the first time we've seen zombies on a plane in either AMC series, it's been done before on the big screen, in 2013's World War Z and the little-known 2007 thriller Flight of the Living Dead.

The Walking Dead has previously debuted stand alone web series' in the past, but those programs have never introduced a character into the on-air series before, making this currently untitled program truly unprecedented. Hopefully we'll learn more about the special in the near future, perhaps during Talking Dead's special episode that airs directly after the Fear the Walking Dead season finale on Sunday, October 4. What do you think about this new Fear the Walking Dead web series?