Fahrenheit 9/11: According to The Hollywood Reporter, federal authorities on Friday dismissed a complaint by a conservative political organization that Fahrenheit 9/11 violated the nation's election laws.

In a short opinion made public on Friday, the Federal Election Commission ruled that the advertising campaign for the movie complied with the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971.

"The Commission dismissed this matter since the Respondents had not violated the Act because the relevant electioneering communications period does not begin until July 31, 2004 and because the Respondents stated that they did not intend to run such ads during the electioneering communications period," according to an FEC release.

Citizen's Untied and its president, a long-time conservative political investigator, accused the film's director Michael Moore, distributor Lion's Gate Entertainment and producers Harvey and Bob Weinstein and others that it qualified as "electioneering communications."