Yesterday, Evil Dead screenwriter Rodo Sayagues Mendez revealed in an interview that he and director Fede Alvarez have parted ways with Evil Dead 2. However, Fede Alvarez shot down the report on his Twitter page.

Fede Alvarez is still attached to <strong><em>Evil Dead 2</em></strong>
The director elaborated that the writer's comments were "lost in translation," and added that the sequel is still alive, although another sequel, Army of Darkness 2, has become a bigger priority.

"Rodo meant we're not actually making Evil Dead 2 right now because the priority is Sam (Raimi)'s Army of Darkness 2. But the plan of making a sequel to our Evil Dead is very much alive."

Fede Alvarez confirmed earlier this week that Sam Raimi is directing Army of Darkness 2, although it isn't known if Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues Mendez will be involved as writers or producers.

Little is known about the Army of Darkness 2 story, except that Bruce Campbell is coming back as Ash. There is speculation that this sequel may merge Ash's story with Mia's from the Evil Dead remake.