It seems even the courts want viewers to see movies as the filmmakers have intended.

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, the film industry won a victory when a Federal Judge in Colorado handed down a judgment to "Utah-based CleanFlicks, CleanFilms and Play It Clean Video, Arizona-based Family Flix USA and the separate entity CleanFlicks of Colorado," that they must "turn over all existing copies of their edited movies to lawyers for the studios for destruction within five days of the ruling."

Apparently, these companies had been offering "sanitized" versions of films that those companies had deemed objectionable. This case seemed to merge together two issues that have caused Hollywood much grief lately, "the culture wars and the disruptive influence of digital technologies."

In his ruling, "Senior U.S. District Court Judge Richard Matsch came down squarely on the side of the DGA and the major studios in his ruling that the companies must immediately cease all production, sale and rentals of edited videos."