Our old pal Corey Feldman has just finished doing reshoots for the highly anticipated summer sequel The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe, which have "reportedly" put his pal Corey Haim back into the film.

Here, live from his personal blog is what he had to say on the matter:

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Additional photography for LB2 has completed. We shot last week on the beach outside of Malibu. I cannot confirm at this point whether Haim is actually going to be in the film or not, as I am contractually obligated to both the film and the show to not give too much away, but I can tell you that there was some serious drama that took place (behind the scenes) and it was all captured by The two Corey's cameras. I am told that the film looks great and there is even more hype about it getting the theatrical release (still no definite decision) and I have seen the trailer and it looks and feels very similar to the vibe of the original. Apparently the trailer will be attached to the Will Smith movie I am Legend when it is released on DVD. I do not know if that plan will change if a theatrical is secured. But this is a heads up to look out for that one. I have seen the test cover for the first issue of the comic book and it looks really cool. It will tell the complete story of what happens to all the characters between films but of course focusing on the Frog brothers.

Corey also had more to tell us about the upcoming second season of The Two Coreys:

As far as TTC itself goes........it's going to be great! Far more intense and explosive than last year. We are trying to work our problems out but it is not as easy as you'd think. Somehow we are managing to deliver another season but everyday seems to be a battle. Corey and I are getting along (sometimes) and other times we cannot stand in the same room. I do not at this point feel we will have a positive ending for the 2 Corey brand as it were. Susie and Haim are trying to get along as well, at the moment everything is copasetic but I do not expect it to last. As things seemingly change from day to day. All of us are amidst a truce at the moment and have been getting along a fair bit better than one may expect. I do not mean to sound like such a pessimist on this issue but I am trying to be honest as I know there are a lot of people that would like to see this all work out (myself included) but I have faith that whether we like the results or not everything happens as it should. Maybe at the end of the day Haim and I will be able to resurrect our broken friendship, despite the fact that we may never resolve our professional relationship. Time will tell..... In the meantime it makes for great TV!!!!! So get ready to strap yourselves in because it's going to be a bumpy ride!

The second season of The Two Coreys will debut this spring. The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe is set for a July release, but that cold change at any moment.