The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun and The Guild creator/star Felicia Day have signed on for voice roles in the Image Comics adaptation Chew.

The story is set in a world where bird meats are illegal after an avian flu killed millions of Americans. Steven Yeun will lend his voice to Detective Tony Chu, described as a "cibopath," one who receives psychic impressions from the dead animals he eats. Felicia Day is voicing Chu's love interest Amelia Mintz, a food critic who is a "saboscrivner," a person who can write about food in a way that makes the reader think he or she is actually tasting it.

John Layman, who created the comic book with Rob Guillory, wrote the screenplay, with Jeff Krelitz directing and producing alongside David Boxenbaum. Rob Guillory, no_peron|Scott Boxenbaum and Dan Tischler are executive producing. The producers are aiming for a digital broadcast and home video release, bypassing the the theaters entirely.

Steven Yeun will next be seen in I Origins, arriving in theaters July 18. Felicia Day recently starred in Lust for Love, which debuted in February.