According to, Oscar nominee Felicity Huffman (Transamerica) will be starring in The Accordion, a big-screen romantic comedy reteaming renowned director/producer Norman Jewison with his Moonstruck screenwriter, John Patrick Shanley:

"I'm working on the screenplay now with John, and Felicity wants to do it, but it's always a matter of availability," notes Jewison, whose 1987 Moonstruck garnered a Best Picture nomination and earned Oscars for both Shanley and the flick's star, Cher. He says The Accordion is "based on an Italian film called Bread and Tulips about a woman who has been married for a number of years and has really never seen anything or had a chance to be on her own. She gets stranded in the South on a golf tour and ends up alone. It follows her change in life and experiences. It's a very funny, touching romantic comedy. In the Italian film the setting was Venice, but we're changing Venice to New Orleans post-Katrina. Every film has a place and an ambience, and it's very important because the setting and where it takes place is part of the story, so the city is very involved in the film."