Actress Felicity Jones has signed on to play the female lead in True Story. We first reported on this project back in February, when Jonah Hill and James Franco signed on to star, with Brad Pitt producing.

The project is based on New York Times journalist Michael Finkel's memoir, chronicling the true story of a serial killer named Christian Longo stealing the reporter's identity. A day after Longo was caught in Mexico using Finkel's name, the newspaper fired the journalist. Finkel was given a shot at redemption when Longo revealed that the only person he would talk to is Finkel. Jonah Hill will play Finkel and James Franco is portraying Longo. Felicity Jones will play Finkel's girlfriend, who stands by her man throughout this ordeal.

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Rupert Goold is directing from an adapted screenplay by David Kajganich, with Brad Pitt and Dede Gardner producing. No production schedule was revealed at this time.