Just when you thought that the fidget spinner was about to finally disappear, it's back and even more annoying this time around. The worthless ball bearing piece of crap became popular late last year and it seems like it was the perfect time to see them making their way to the landfills or the bottom of the ocean, but no. They're back and this time they've been turned into tiny, worthless, mobile phones to prove that 2017 has officially jumped the shark. There's been iPhones converted into fidget spinners and other iterations, but this is the first dedicated fidget spinner phone and it's just as stupid as you can imagine.

The original idea behind the fidget spinner is to relieve anxiety by quietly spinning the tiny toy in your hands. The popularity of the toy soon found its way into schools with some going as far as banning them because they became an obvious nuisance. The spinners were even marketed to help children with neurological disorders including autism and ADHD, but there has never been any scientific evidence that the lame toys help in any way shape or form. Instead of helping with nervous energy, they look just as lame as dudes vaping or playing with finger skateboards.

The fidget spinner cell phone is made by the Chili Company in India. It's an actual functioning cell phone with a bearing in the middle that lets you use it like any other spinner. It's also incredibly small, with a tiny screen that's no bigger than a postage stamp. It's a very basic phone with barely any features including no camera, but it does have room for dual sim cards, Bluetooth and a web browser for some reason. It's available for $20 dollars, but it's only currently available for sale in India. There are other fidget spinner phones on Amazon though, so if you're really dying to get your hands on one, it can be found, but they might not be up to the stellar quality of the Chilli brand fidget phone. Chilli totally missed the mark by having the phone charge while being annoyingly used as fidget spinner.

For those fearing that the fidget spinner was going to come raging back to the public consciousness, fear not, because these new fidget phones look like they're pretty hard to come by. That being said, it'll probably be just a bunch of adults ordering them to prove how edgy and hip they are when out at bars for a quick laugh or conversation starter. On second thought, maybe that fear is now justified.

For $20 dollars, plus whatever the international shipping price, the fidget spinner phone can be yours to deal with stressful phone calls or texts. The Verge reports that the online sales haven't started yet, but they should be up and running soon. Until then, you can always go on Amazon to buy the cheap knockoffs that probably work just as well for a fidget spinner that doubles as a useless cell phone. You've heard of the smartphone, now come buy the dumb phone.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick