Thursday night's Field of Dreams Major League Baseball game between the White Sox and Yankees was nothing short of a magical event in even the eyes of those who don't follow the sport, with its cinematic pre-game and even an appearance on the field by Kevin Costner. The game itself also lived up to expectations with no less than eight home runs scored during the game and a walk off sealing the win for the Chicago side. What has been even more unprecedented was the morning after for Universal Pictures when they discovered that the 32 year old Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams was topping the Amazon Movers and Shakers movie chart.

The surprises didn't stop there for the movie studio, as the film also managed to find its way to not only number 1, but numbers 2, 5, 11 and 12 as well, and in total, movies starring Costner made up 7 of the top 12 DVDs on the chart by midday.

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First in the chart was the region free Blu-Ray edition, which had a 60,800% surge in sales, followed closely behind by the standard DVD at No 2 with a 52,772% increase. The multi-format Blu-Ray was at No 5 after a rise of a measly 3,168%. Other Costner titles to find their way into the top ten were the Clint Eastwood directed A Perfect World, and For The Love Of The Game, which hit number 7 and 9 respectively. As for the game itself it didn't do too badly either, becoming the most watched regular season MLB game since 2005, easily winning the evening's ratings war with 5.16 million viewers.

Speaking before the match, whose ratings we in no small part helped by Kostner's appearance, the star talked about how the movie is something he continues to have appreciation for even after three decades and dozens of other movie roles in between.

"I'm moved by it. I am," he said. "Somewhere along the line, if you have some unfinished business, that movie starts to take over."

There are times when real life seems to imitate art, and as far as Thursday night's game goes, there is no better example. With Costner taking his two sons to watch the game, they were able to watch their father recreate one of the most memorable scenes in sports film history with the two competing teams, and the game even saw the White Sox trailing at the bottom of the 9th and go on to win following a home run in something that MLB said best in their tweet which said "A #walkoff into the corn at #MLBatFieldofDreams. Couldn't write a better script."

There are some sporting moments that are remembered for a single moment but thanks to the magic of the movies enhancing the magic of the game, this is one baseball game that will be remembered from start to finish, and one that is going to help the Field of Dreams legacy live on for a whole new audience.