After Fifty Shades of Grey took in over $266 million worldwide during its opening weekend, the adaptation of E.L. James' scintillating novel is making headlines for a completely different reason. Police were called to the West Oaks Mall in Ocoee, Florida on Valentine's Day at approximately 10 P, after over 100 teenagers rushed into the mall's AMC Theater without paying. Apparently the underaged high schoolers were denied access to see the R-rated movie. All of the theater's PG-13 movies were sold out at the time, and R-rated movies require a guardian over the age of 18 to accompany younger viewers into the theater. Here's what an unidentified supervisor at the theater said in a phone call to the police.

"There's a whole bunch of kids that tried to get rated-R tickets. So we sold out all PG-13 movies, and they just started to run in, and it's a whole bunch of them. I mean, we're trying to control it by shutting one side of the gates and trying to get them out, but there's just so many of them ... mall security is even trying to help, but it's just not enough."

Several moviegoers also called the police, with some claiming they feared leaving the theater, while others asked to be reimbursed for their movie tickets. Here's an excerpt from one moviegoer's call to the local police while still in the theater.

"There's a bunch of - about 35 teenagers running in and out of the movie threatening people. ... There's no control here. They were saying, 'Shut the f- up, or I'm going to kill you.' ... I'm trying to get out, and I don't feel comfortable leaving the theater."

After the police arrived and dispersed the group of teens, one juvenile was arrested for battery and resisting an officer without violence. Earlier reports claimed that gunshots went off in the theater, but the sounds were later identified as fireworks. This incident has lead to the West Oaks Mall enforcing a new juvenile policy, where no unattended minors can be in the mall after 9 PM. Take a look at a local news report below for more details.