'Once you go black, you never go grey!' That's the warning Marlon Wayans delivers in the first trailer and poster for Fifty Shades of Black. As you can probably tell by the title, the comedian is back, and this time, he's spoofing Fifty Shades of Grey. Forget Mr. Grey, because Mr. Black is the real nasty deal!

Marlon Wayans reunites with director Michael Tiddes after collaborating on 2013's smash hit A Haunted House. Now, they are back together for what promises to be next year's most outrageous comedy. The trailer made it's debut on Yahoo! Movies earlier today. And it delivers everything you'd expect out of Wayans and his team.

You can join Marlon Wayans live today starting at 12:30 pm PST for a Twitter Q&A on his personal page. He's sure to be very open and honest about what it takes to get a Fifty Shades of Grey parody just right. There is no new Fifty Shades movie coming this year, so fans will surely look to this spoof to get their fix. And it's sure to bring the comedian a whole lot of new admires (and some haters). If you miss the Twitter Q&A today, he'll also be back tomorrow with a live chat on Facebook starting at 10am PST tomorrow.

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From Marlon Wayans, and the director of A Haunted House, Fifty Shades of Black is an insane spoof starring Marlon Wayans in the role of Mr. Black. In addition to Marlon Wayans, the movie stars Kali Hawk, Mike Epps, Andrew Bachelor, Affion Crockett, Jane Seymour, Fred Willard and the great Florence Henderson. There are also some surprise cameos expected.

Fifty Shades of Black will land in theaters January 29, 2016. It's sure to be a hit, especially since it was shot on an ultra-low budget insuring that no matter what it will make it's money back. After a few bad parody movies, Marlon Wayans has proven that there is still some life left to breath into the spoof genre. And he seems to be firing on all cylinders here. Take a look.

<strong><em>Fifty Shades of Black</em></strong> Poster
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