Nearly 16 years after its release in October 1999, director David Fincher's adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk's breakthrough novel Fight Club is still considered to be a classic. While the film was largely a faithful adaptation of the original novel, the ending is quite different from the book. For those who have been waiting to see the author's final pages of the book come to life, a group of filmmakers at Banana-Dragon Productions have just the video for you, combining both the movie endings and the book endings in one unique 13-minute video. Here's what the production company had to say in a statement about how this short film came to life.

"Back in the fall of 2014, Detroit-made filmmakers of a newly formed company, Banana-Dragon Productions, created a shot-for-shot recreation of the famous "Hit Me" scene in Fight Club. Catching the attention of author Chuck Palahniuk, what was considered to be a contest video exceeded their audience expectations. As fans of Palahniuk, and with the positive response from their shot-for-shot video, they set their sights on something more ambitious, never-before done: adapting the original book ending of Fight Club, and marrying it to a shot-for-shot homage to the film's ending. Three friends brought together through the process of filmmaking are proud to present their contribution to their favorite film and author."
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At the end of the movie Fight Club, The Narrator (Edward Norton) shoots himself in the head, getting rid of Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) for good, as he watches all the bombs from Project Mayhem go off with Marla (Helena Bonham Carter). In the novel, The Narrator does kill off Tyler, but Project Mayhem actually doesn't succeed, since the bombs never went off, as Tyler is sent off to an insane asylum that he mistakes for heaven. The book ends with Tyler being informed by a number of "space monkeys" that Project Mayhem is still moving forward without him.

The book ending is, of course, much more bleak than the movie adaptation, but Chuck Palahniuk has stated in interviews that he actually prefers the movie ending over his own ending in the novel. The author even revealed in an interview that the movie adaptation made him "sort of embarrassed" of his own book, because David Fincher found ways to streamline the plot and make connections to parts of the story that he hadn't. Earlier this year, the author debuted a comic book sequel Fight Club 2, with new issues debuting every month.

The short film stars J.J. Pardo as The Narrator, Chandler Macocha as Tyler Durden, Tomasz Dreszek as God and Heather Blystone as Marla Singer. In addition to this short film, we also have the original Fight Club ending below, so you can compare both versions. Which ending do you think works the best? Let us know what you think below.