Director Rob Cohen has written a blog update about the ending of production on the film The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. You can read all about it. Just CLICK HERE.

Here are some highlights of what Rob has to say:

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We have two more long nights on the Shanghai streets and four days in 'IMHOTEP'S," Jonathan's Egyptian-Deco nightclub on The Bund. (You haven't lived till you see John Hannah in a bright blue brocade tux!) Yes, it is that time when the long process is behind me and a new half of the production lies ahead-the post: editing, 700 visual effects shots, sound design, music, mixing and setting the final look in the digital intermediate. This second half of the process will be as pressured as the first half since I must turn over the finished movie in early July so that thousands of prints can get struck in time to ship to our worldwide openings.

We have done 2500 shots between Vic and I. Maybe the average movie has 800. But that's what a movie like this takes to give you, the viewer, the ride.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor arrives in theatres on Aug 1st, 2008.