Walt Disney Pictures has released the final two character posters in a five poster series from the upcoming film The Sorcerer's Apprentice, which will be released in theaters nationwide on July 14. Click on these new character posters of Nicolas Cage's Balthazar Blake and Jay Baruchel's Dave Sutler to access our full poster gallery for the upcoming summer adventure. You can also take a look at descriptions for each character below the posters.

<strong><em>The Sorcerer's Apprentice</em></strong> Nicolas Cage Character Poster

Balthazar Blake (Nicolas Cage) is a student of Merlin and a Sorcerer. More than 1,000 years old, Balthazar has been searching the globe until he finds the Prime Merlinean, the descendent of Merlin and inheritor of his great powers. When Balthazar finally discovers him in 10-year-old Dave Stutler, he finds himself with a very reluctant sorcerer's apprentice.

<strong><em>The Sorcerer's Apprentice</em></strong> Jay Baruchel Character Poster

Dave Sutler "The Apprentice" (Jay Baruchel) is a nerdy NYU physics major, lacking confidence and poise, not very popular with girls or even his fellow students. At the age of 10, he experiences a frightening incident when he encounters sorcerer Balthazar Blake after wandering into the bizarre Arcana Cabana curio shop. He's given a dragon ring that comes to life on his finger, and he's told that he'll be a very important sorcerer himself. He then witnesses a furious battle between Balthazar and another sorcerer named Maxim Horvath which made him want to forget the whole matter...until both Balthazar and Horvath re-enter his life 10 years later, forcing him to confront a destiny he would very much like to ignore! "Dave is his own worst enemy, the architect of his own misery," says Baruchel. "He spends his life trying to live down that moment in the Arcana Cabana when he first encountered Balthazar and Horvath. He gravitates towards physics, which is the discipline he gives his life to. When he meets up with Balthazar again, the sorcerer tells Dave that it was no coincidence that he drifted towards physics because although illusion and magic are different, magic and science are the same thing."