What is going on with the Final Destination franchise? And is Final Destination 6 happening, as one of its stars seems to believe? We're not sure, but recent rumors don't sound like they're going to pan out. Not yet, anyway. The only thing that is known for certain is that this extremely popular horror franchise is not dead yet. Not by a long shot.

But it's unlikely that Final Destination 6 will begin prepping this August. The most consistent element in the series besides gruesome death has always been Tony Todd, who plays the small role of Bludworth in each installment. Usually he comes warning of death. This time, the mortician arrived at the recent Texas Frightmare event warning that the Grim Reaper is ready to exact his revenge once again. According to the actor, he will definitely be returning in Final Destination 6. He went onto claim that the horror sequel will begin pre-production in late August, with a shoot planned for Vancouver. Other than that, he doesn't know much about what this next installment has in store for fans.

According to Bloody Disgusting though, the actor may be too enthusiastic. They have checked with their sources, and Final Destination 6 is not prepping for a late summer start. They do claim that the movie isn't dead. It's just not happening yet. And when it will move forward is anybody's guess.

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It has been five long years since Final Destination 5 proved that the horror franchise still has legs. Many called this particular sequel the best in the series since the original. The movie also brought the perfect ending, circling back around on itself and tying up the mythos quite nicely. New Line is the studio behind the Final Destination rights, and it seems that at this current moment, they are more interested in creating and building a universe around The Conjuring, which already got the spinoff Annabelle in 2014 and will get a proper sequel from director James Wan this summer.

Fans still want more Final Destination movies. So they'll probably return to cinemas sometime before the next decade. But exactly when, no one knows! There is no major progress happening on Final Destination 6 at this moment in time. But it must be remembered that Death can never be defeated. When Final Destination 5 was doing its press rounds, the filmmakers discussed possible sequel ideas, which included a movie that revolved around pets, which will probably never see the light of day, and a follow-up that takes place in a completely different timeline like the 60s or 70s, or possibly even the old West. Most likely, Final Destination 6 won't veer that far away from what has come before it.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange