Could we see the return of Alex Browning, the one who started it all, in a Final Destination Reboot? The character was brought to life by Devon Sawa who played the part once and only once in the first entry. However, it came to light earlier this year that Warner Bros.' New Line Pictures is currently in the works on a reboot of the franchise. If there's a way to bring Alex back, Sawa is down to return.

I recently had the chance to chat with Devon Sawa on behalf of his new movie, The Fanatic, which arrives later this month. During our chat, I asked Sawa if, depending on the direction this reboot heads in, he would be open to a return to the series he first starred in nearly two decades ago. Here's what Sawa had to say about it.

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"Yes, I would. If you were in Vegas right now laying some big money down, I wouldn't put it on me coming back, but of course. I've watched every one of those movies since they've come out. But I think the ship has sailed. I'm getting a little older. I think they're gonna be going with a new, young cast, but yea man. I would do it. I would do it in a heartbeat."

Here's what we know for sure. Screenwriters Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan (Saw IV, Feast) were hired to pen a Final Destination reboot back in January. Details on their plans are a complete mystery at this point. However, it's not impossible to imagine a world in which things are retconned a bit. Last year's Halloween enjoyed great success by ignoring all of the sequels and serving as a direct sequel to John Carpenter's original. Perhaps this reboot could take a page or two from that playbook.

For those who may not recall, Devon Sawa's character Alex Browning was going on a class trip with his friends at the beginning of the first movie. He then had a premonition of their grim death and got off the flight along with his classmates and teachers, only to see his grim dream come true. The survivors are then picked off by the invisible embodiment of death one-by-one. Alex survived the events of the first movie but never returned in future sequels. It was revealed in Final Destination 2 that Alex died off-screen and was killed by a falling brick. A bit anticlimactic.

Since its launch in 2000, the franchise, across five entries, has grossed $665 million worldwide. The series has been dormant ever since Final Destination 5 in 2011. The time feels right to bring the series back. While a full-on reboot seems more likely, it would certainly be interesting to see a more direct sequel to the original, ala Halloween, as something of a bold shift in direction. We'll have to see what Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema have in store for us when this reboot finally comes to fruition.