Lionsgate has just released the final poster for the fantasy action movie, I, Frankenstein! In a dystopic present, war rages between guardian gargoyles and beastly demons. Frankenstein's monster, Adam (Aaron Eckhart), must decide if his immortality is worth fighting for. Check out the one-sheet, then read on for more details about the graphic novel prologue, I, Frankenstein: Genesis.

<strong><em>I, Frankenstein</em></strong> Poster

Ready to discover the history behind I, Frankenstein? Delve deep into the world of gargoyles and demons with this brand new interactive website! Here's your chance to become the master of their stories and discover the history between the two warring clans. While on the new site, immerse yourself in the I, Frankenstein Genesis Graphic Novel! The digital comic presented in parallax motion is an abridged version of Screenwriter Kevin Grevioux's original graphic novel created as a prequel to the film! Available online, the three chapters will highlight the origin stories for Adam, Victor Frankenstein's creation, Leonore (Miranda Otto), the Queen of the Gargoyles, and Naberius (Bill Nighy), a demon Prince.

You can also CLICK HERE to take a look at the official website for director Stuart Beattie's adaptation.