Get ready Superman fans because George Reeves, Kirk Alyn and Dean Cain live on as the man of Steel in these November DVD releases from Warner Home Video

The Man of Steel has fascinated us for decades and now Warner Home Video will bring us the final seasons of two of the greatest Superman series ever made: Lois & Clark-The New Adventures of Superman: The Complete Fourth Season and Adventures of Superman: The Complete Fifth & Sixth Seasons. Furthermore, WHV will release Superman: The Theatrical  Serials Collection. This highly sought collection featuring the first-ever Superman rendition in moving-picture history is available for the first time ever on DVD.

Lois & Clark-The New Adventures of Superman: The Complete Fourth Season is a 6-disc collector's set featuring all 22 episodes and interactive bonus features available for $59.98 SRP.  

Adventures of Superman: The Complete Fifth & Sixth Season contains all 26 episodes and great extras in this 5-disc collector's set and is available for $39.98 SRP.

Superman:The Theatrical Serials Collection features 30 chapters of cliffhanger adventures from Superman and Atom Man vs. Superman serials in a 4-disc collector's set and is available for $39.98.

"November will be a time of celebration in honor of three great actors who brought Superman to life throughout history," said Rosemary Markson, Vice President, TV Marketing. "Saturday matinee crowds first started watching tales of Superman in 1948 when Kirk Alyn took on the larger than life role. Through the decades renowned actors like George Reeves and Dean Cain have taken on the mysterious persona and made the character their own. We are delighted to release the final episodes of these classic TV series and the one and only release of the Superman Serials for the devoted Superman fans and those of the next generation."

Lois & Clark- The New Adventures of Superman: The Complete Fourth Season

The final season of the 90's Superman series features Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher as the title characters. The world may be at war in the fourth and final season, but Clark Kent is determined to marry his lady love.  But before the rice and champagne toast, Clark must jump into action as Superman and battle the Lord Nor and a multitude of other villains. Packed with action and comedy, Lois & Clark: The Complete Fourth Season made Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher household names and created a new generation of die hard Superman fans.



Disc 1:

1. Lord of the Flys

2. Battleground Earth

3. Swear to God, this Time We're Not Kidding

4. Soul Mates

Disc 2:

5. Brutal Youth

6. The People Vs. Louis Lane

7. Dead Lois Walking

8. Bob and Carol and Lois and Clark  

Disc 3:

9. Ghosts

10. Stop the Presses

11. 'Twas the Night Before Mxymas

12. Lethal Weapon

Disc 4:

13. Sex, Lies and Videotape

14. Meet John Doe

15. Lois and Clarks

16. AKA Superman

Disc 5:

17. Faster Than a Speeding Vixen

18. Shadow of a Doubt

19. Voice Fom the Past

20. I've Got You Under My Skin

Disc 6:

21. Toy Story

22. The Family Hour

Adventures of Superman: The Complete Fifth & Sixth Seasons

George Reeves became a cultural icon synonymous with Superman while portraying the man of steel in the1952 series Adventures of Superman. In the fifth and sixth seasons which aired in 1957 and 1958, Superman does not disappoint in battling those determined to destroy the world. George Reeves' version of everyone's favorite super hero captured the 1950s television audience and will surely find new fans with the final DVD release of this family favorite TV series.  


Disc 1:

1. Peril in Paris

2. Tin Hero

3. The Town that Wasn't

4. The Tomb of Zaharan

5. The Man Who Made Dream Come True

6. Disappearing Lois

Disc 2:

7. Money to Burn

8. Close Shave

9. The Phony Alibi

10. The Prince Albert Coat

11. The Stolen Elephant

12. Mr. Zero

Disc 3:

13. Whatever Goes Up

14. The Last Knight

15. The Magic Secret

16. Divide and Conquer

17. The Mysterious Cube

18. The Atomic Captive

Disc 4:

19. The Superman Silver Mine

20. The Big Forget

21. The Gentle Monster

22. Superman's Wife

23. Three in One

24. The Brainy Burro

Disc 5:

25. The Perils of Superman

26. All that Glitters

Superman: The Theatrical Serials Collection

Kirk Alyn, the first film actor ever to play Superman set the standard for the many actors who have put on the red and blue tights since. Beginning in 1948, Alyn's portrayal of Superman in the serials Superman left audiences on the edges of their seats and kept Saturday matinee crowds coming back for more. Viewed in matinees in theaters, the 1940s audience became enthralled from Superman's first arrival on earth to the heart wrenching scenes where Clark Kent battles with the sinister Spider Lady. Superman: The Theatrical Serials Collection also includes the 15-part serials Atom Man vs. Superman which debuted in theaters in 1950 and featured Superman battling a UFO and the A-bomb.  


Disc 1:

1. Superman Comes to Earth

2. Depths of the Earth

3. The Reducer Ray

4. Man of Steel

5. A Job for Superman

6. Superman in Danger

7. Into the Electric Furnace

8. Superman to the Rescue

9. Irresistible Force

10. Between Two Fires

Disc 2:

11. Superman's Dilemma

12. Blast in the Depths

13. Hurled to Destruction

14. Superman at Bay

15. The Payoff

Disc 3:

1. Superman Flies Again

2. Atom Man Appears

3. Ablaze in the Sky

4. Superman Meets Atom Man

5. Atom Man Tricks Superman

6. Atom Man's Challenge

7. At the Mercy of Atom Man

8. Into the Empty Doom

9. Superman Crashes Through

Disc 4:

10.  Atom Man's Heat-Ray

11. Luthor's Strategy

12. Atom Man Strikes

13. Atom Man's Flying Saucer

14. Rocket of Vengeance

15. Superman Saves the Universe

DVD Features - Lois & Clark-The New Adventures of Superman: The Complete Fourth Season:

- Kryptonian Kronology: Dean Cain hosting an Interactive history of the Superman Timeline

DVD Features - Adventures of Superman: The Complete Fifth & Sixth Seasons:

- Superman's Pal: Jimmy Olsen- Jack Larson celebrate his series character along with co-star Noel Neill and  Superman historians.   

DVD Features - Superman: The Theatrical Serials Collection

- Saturdays with Superman - A nostalgic look back at the first live action Superman played by Kirk Alyn. The special feature interviews cast, writers and Superman historians.