Update to a previously submitted scoop...

We told you about this a little while ago, but it's a bit more solid now.

Mission Impossible 3: In a year when all you hear about are remakes and sequels, it's nice to have a change of pace. Oh, wait, this is both a sequel, and a sequel of a remake to boot! Regardless, it appears the MI franchise still has life. The only thing I see this film has going for it is the director. David Fincher (Alien 3, Fight Club) is in final talks to helm this Tom Cruise, film-by-numbers.

What we can expect if Fincher does handle this one:

- Plenty of CGI tracking shots. I wouldn't be surprise if we got a perspective shot of a bullet, starting inside the chamber of a gun and ending inside the body of some cliche bad-guy. Nice slow-mo, amazing detail, going for "gee-whiz" factor. Boring...

- A film somewhere in between MI:1 and MI:2. What I mean is, it won't be quite as formulaic as 1, and not quite as flashy as 2. Expect more grit. The violence won't be a gratuitous as the others, but it will be nastier. Fincher likes jarring images.

- Jared Leto. Fincher loves this guy. Personally I'm not a fan, but Fincher sees something there.. so expect him. I'd see him as Cruise's new protege-turned-badguy, ut-oh, twist ending because-we-didn't-see-it-coming, but Cruise did, kind of character.

Chalk this one up as on my "No thanks" list, folks. Fincher is by far one of my favorite directors, but this is a poor choice. Sure, it'll make bank, but Fincher is much better with original material he can really get dirty in. I'm sorry, but Tom Cruise and a tired action franchise are no place to get dirty.

Kerouac out!