It has been nothing if not an interesting year at the box office. Many major movies have flopped and there have been some really unexpected surprises in the mix. What isn't at all surprising is that Disney is once again having a killer year, which just got a little better for them. With the weekend Finding Dory just took in at the box office, it has managed to surpass Captain America: Civil War as the top grossing domestic movie of 2016.

With what it made over the weekend, Finding Dory has now managed to bring in a very impressive $422 million domestically according to Box Office Mojo. Captain America: Civil War on the other hand has racked up a total of $406 million, and that is probably about where it will finish up its cinematic run. But Pixar's Finding Nemo sequel still has a long way to go and is likely going to wind up becoming the highest grossing animated movie of all time domestically. That record is currently held by Shrek 2, which sits at $441 million.

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Internationally, Captain America:Civil War is still far ahead of Finding Dory. As of right now, the Captain America sequel is the highest grossing movie of 2016 worldwide, with a total take of $1.15 billion. Finding Dory is still doing great for having only been out a few weeks, having already grossed $642 million worldwide and could easily surpass the total take of the Finding Nemo, which was a very impressive $936 million. Finding Dory has already surpassed Finding Nemo's domestic take by more than $40 million and should easily become the third Disney movie of the year to pass the $1 billion mark internationally.

Ultimately at this point even if Finding Dory could find the legs to overtake Civil War at the worldwide box office, it wouldn't matter all that much. Disney is enjoying a level of success that is simply staggering and unprecedented. As of right now, the studio is responsible for the top three highest grossing movies of 2016 with Captain America: Civil War, Zootopia and The Jungle Book. Zootopia is now the highest grossing movie of all-time that wasn't based on any existing intellectual property, which makes its take of just over $1 billion all that much more impressive. Finding Dory should easily overtake Deadpool for the number five spot this year, and that would mean 4 out of the 5 top grossing movies of 2016 would belong to Disney. All of which should be over or at least near $1 billion by the end of their theatrical runs.

Disney and Pixar have a few more sequels slated in the coming years, including Toy Story 4, Cars 3 and the long awaited and highly anticipated The Incredibles 2. But the studio has said they will be shifting their focus to more original movies like Inside Out, which worked out very well for the studio last year. This is the first week that Finding Dory didn't take the number one spot at the box office since its release, and it very nearly overtook The Legend of Tarzan for the number two spot this weekend. Finding Dory still has a lot of time left to make a lot more money, so we will see if it can manage to pull in enough to overtake Civil War worldwide, but either way, Disney wins.