Expecting nothing but perfection, I had wandered into the movie theatre. This film did not fail to amaze me. In fact, it astonished me.

William Forrester (played by the always impressive Sean Connery) is a vigorous personality who wrote a Pulitzer Prize-winning classic novel called "Abalone landing" four decades ago. Since that time, Forrester closed himself from the world entirely, never publishing another book. Forrester (Sean Connery) is a man whose mystery and quaintness border on the fictitious. Enters, Jamal Wallance (Rob Brown), a talented African-American scholar-athlete who is recruited by an elite Manhattan prep school for his brilliance on and off the basketball court. On a dare he sneaks into Forrester's apartment and accidentally leaves behind his backpack full of writing. And as things come to pass, Forrester becomes a mentor to Jamal. Forrester challenges and changes Jamal forever, while Jamal re-ignites Forrester's dreams and helps him emerge from his solitude. 'Finding Forrester' is a story of life, passion, dreams and friendship. It is a story that re-defines the purpose of life: "For if we wait too long, we risk learning that life is not a game that is won

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