Director Robert Rodriguez announced a new project at Comic-Con last week entitled Fire and Ice, which is based on the work of artist Frank Frazetta. Today, we have a first look at some concept art for the project, along with the official synopsis of Fire and Ice, which the director hopes to start shooting in early 2012. Click on the photos below, which feature the characters Lam, Teegra, and Dark Wolf.

Fire and Ice Concept Art #1
Fire and Ice Concept Art #2
Fire and Ice Concept Art #3

From his stronghold in Ice Peak, the evil Nekron sends forth a wave of deadly glaciers, forcing humanity to retreat to Fire Keep, a kingdom ruled by a generous king. When King Jarol's daughter Teegra is kidnapped, young warrior Larn teams with the mysterious and legendary Dark Wolf, to rescue the princess and the realm from Nekron's evil sorcery.