Rumblings of a Firefly reboot in the works at Disney+ have recently been working their way through the rumor mill, and many fans of the original series are clearly unhappy about the possibility. Created by Joss Whedon, Firefly was perhaps ahead of its time when it premiered on Fox in 2002. It was controversially canceled after a single season, but not without winning an Emmy and developing a large cult following.

This week, the website Giant Freakin Robot published an unconfirmed report that a Firefly reboot was in development at Disney+. It's theoretically possible, as Disney acquired the rights to the series with their acquisition of Fox in 2019. According to the outlet, an unnamed source at Disney claims that the company is planning to reimagine the series with a more family-friendly version, a stark shift in tone from the original Firefly series.

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Although the rumors haven't been confirmed, word of the reboot has been spreading on social media, drawing a variety of mixed opinions from Firefly fans.

"Don't get too excited. Everything about it sounds bad. The only way this could sound worse would be if they announced they were casting the parts using only cast members from the 1980-81 season of #SNL."

"No Firefly fan wants a lame PG reboot. We want a 2nd season with the original cast & Whedon directing," another blunt tweet states.

Another fan theorizes, "This isn't going to end well, is it?"

"I love Firefly, but I highly, HIGHLY doubt a reboot would be able to capture the magic of the series," another tweet reads. "The time and money would be better spent creating something new, or creating a show based on one of the many amazing found family sci-fi novels out there."

And another fan makes it clear they're adamantly against the idea of a Firefly reboot by writing, "Firefly worked back in 2004 because it was lightning in a bottle as regards to writing, cast and fans. Nathan Fillion IS Mal Reynolds, no one can replace him. A reboot would be a soulless husk of what the original achieved."

Still, not every fan is completely opposed to the idea of a Firefly reboot, with one person tweeting, "Unpopular opinion wrt a PG Firefly reboot: It could be just as good if not better. The charm of the show was in the found family adventures. Ditching the shallow pseudo-feminism, slut shaming, lack of diversity, and neo-confederate vibes means more than gore being onscreen."

The original Firefly starred Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk, Morena Baccarin, Adam Baldwin, Jewel Staite, Sean Maher, Summer Glau, and the late Ron Glass. In January, it was reported that Fox was open to revisiting the series, but nothing further would come of the news. Looking back at the series in June, Fillion said he'd be happy to see the series rebooted with a sequel series following a new cast, though he also said he'd be up for reprising his role for special appearances.

At this time, it's probably best not to invest too much emotion into the Firefly reboot rumors without any kind of official confirmation from Disney. The original report comes from Giant Freakin Robot.