The Good

The Bad

Samantha Mackenzie (Katie Holmes) is a sheltered young lady who is the daughter of the President of the United States( Michael Keaton). Wanting to get out and experience the world for herself she starts attending college in the hopes of leading a normal life. Hounded by pesky secret servicemen and the media, Samantha’s college experience is anything but normal. Things get even stranger when she falls for a handsome college student who has a few secrets as well.

Katie Holmes is 27.

It’s time to grow-up a bit. Playing these roles, these characters, being the “golden girl” was all well and good in a very post Dawson’s Creek world, but the time has come for her to start doing older roles. I just don’t buy her as this young girl anymore. Nor, do I buy here “not fitting in”. Anybody that looks like Katie Holmes is going to fit in. I almost find these movies a bit insulting.

Did we not all go to high school? Did we not see truly unattractive people everyday who really did not fit in?

Trying to pass Katie Holmes off as some kind of misfit in the college world would be like trying to cast Mandy Moore in the same role.

Wait a minute...they already did that.

Anyway, this is just my opinion but I really think it’s time she start doing more movies like The Gift, and no, that’s not just because she shows her naked chest.

My real problems began when I watched Miss Holmes in the movie Abandon. I say this because that whole movie is predicated on the idea that Katie Holmes has been "abandoned" by this guy who loves her. Now, I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but I really don't see anybody abandoning Katie Holmes. Which brings me back to First Daughter. At no point in the film could I really care about the problems she was having. She wasn't destitute. She wasn't dying. She wasn't doing anything but playing a character of privilege who just wants to be normal. Well, at the end of the day I really have to say being "normal" isn't all that it's cracked up to be and films like this don't really address the larger issue.

Which is a girl with real problems.

Maybe instead of playing the president's daughter, or seeing her go through cat and mouse games with her love interest, perhaps Miss Holmes needs to pull a Charlize Theron and go the Monster route? I am being serious. Wouldn't it be much more interesting if the Samantha character in this movie was overweight by 60 lbs and really had issues to deal with?

All in all, First Daughter just didn't do it for me.


Commentary by Katie Holmes, Marc Blucas and Amerie

Surprisingly, or maybe I shouldn’t be surprised the players here kept it straight. I mean they had a laugh or too here and there, but they actually seriously commented on the movie. Maybe I am a bit jaded, or too used to other types of commentary tracks(even Joe Carnahan on the Narc dvd cut a loose a lot more) but I didn’t expect these guys to be SOOO serious. It would seem that now, after the movie was shot, released and coming to DVD this would be a chance for the actors to cut a loose a bit, but they just sat and watched the movie, talking about it only intermittently. Not bad, just not what I was expecting.

Composer Tribute

Sadly, after beginning to score the movie, the composer Michael Kamen passed away. Forest Whitaker asked Blake Neely, a composer/friend of Michael Kamen’s to complete the score. This touching tribute takes us through the the beginnings of the last score that Kamen would create. It’s interesting in that he really got the mood of First Daughter daughter started, through the fairy tale-like music and that Mr. Neely was able to come in and seamlessly keep it all consistent with Michael Kamen’s tone.

Making Of Choreography Featurette

I am not one who goes for period piece or dance numbers. The regalness displayed in certain scenes of