We've seen clips from the upcoming Iron Man film, and a trailer for the video game, but now we get to see the Armored Avenger in one more form - 6" tall plastic action figures! Marvelous Toys has put up the first four carded action figures to promote the film - which display the four suits of armor to be used in the film.

The figures include the Mark 01 armor, created to help Tony Stark escape from captivity, the familiar looking Mark 03 armor, featured in the trailer and publicity stills, and the Iron Monger armor, briefly glimpsed in the trailer. The Iron Monger armor, in the comics, was worn by Obadiah Stane to battle against Iron Man, and based on seeing the armor and the fact that Jeff Bridges is playing Stane in the film, it seems reasonable to assume that the two armored marvels will battle one another in the film.

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One possible spoiler seen in these toys comes in the form of the Mark 02 Iron Man armor. Sleeker than the Mark 01 armor, but lacking the advanced features (and the red and gold coloring) of the Mark 03 armor, the Mark 02 armor has not yet been seen in trailers or in the video game - so this toy is the first chance fans have to see what the armor will look like - if indeed, it appears in the film at all.

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