Hellboy Animated, the official blog of the animated Hellboy features has posted a YouTube link for the trailer of Blood and Iron and has given an update on the production:

Check out the first Blood and Iron Trailer over on YouTube. It's a little dark and short but it gives you a taste of how different it is from Sword of Storms. I didn't see the trailer until after it was done or there'd be latter retakes of some of the scenes. There's also one scene that's not from the movie. If you know your Mignola then you'll have a clue to the extra special DVD extra that will accompany Blood and Iron.

The visual side of Blood and Iron is wrapped. The color balancing went well and straightened out some color glitches that have bothered me for months. I visited Chris Drake's studio and previewed some of the music. Beautiful, powerful and in some sequences, very sad. We mix the second week in January then it's all up to you guys. We hope that by the end of February our next movie is good to go.

Merry Christmas!

CLICK HERE to check out the YouTube trailer!