Entertainment Weekly has the first official image from the upcoming film Priest, which will arrive in theaters nationwide on May 13, 2011. Click on this brand new image below featuring the film's star, Paul Bettany, to access the image gallery for the film, and you can also take a look at the text that accompanies the image, with a brief quote from director Scott Stewart.

Paul Bettany stars in Priest
Bettany plays a vampire-hunting man of the cloth in Priest (due out in 2011), set 
in a dystopian future where the bloodsuckers are confined to reservations. "In our world, priests are like Jedi Knights with special powers and training," explains director Scott Stewart (Legion). "Our vampires are more feral and disturbing than, say, the teen-angst vampires of Twilight or the sexy vampires of True Blood. Those vampires are metaphors. Ours aren't."
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