Last month, Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow teased a new dinosaur from the set, although it was only the shadow of this prehistoric creature. Today, Twitter user Garret Watzig posted a photo of what he claims to be an actual Velociraptor from the Jurassic World. Who is Garret Watzig and why does he have the first Velociraptor photo? Take a look at the image, then read on for more details.

If you scroll through Garret Watzig's Twitter feed, he explains that it was actually the father of his friend Cameron Ziegler (@CameronZiggy) who took the photo and allowed it to be posted to social media.

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Jurassic World confirmed from multiple sources the photo is, in fact, real. A quick scan of Jurassic World's IMDB page reveals that there is a crew member named Douglas D. Ziegler, who serves as the "special effects foreman" on the movie. It's possible that Douglas D. Ziegler is Cameron Ziegler's father, which would make sense since his position on the film would likely give him access to the Velociraptor. Both Garret Watzig and Cameron Ziegler also revealed that they plan on showing more photos and a video soon.

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