Tired of waiting for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to hit the big screen? March 2016 is still a long way off, but Los Angeles based production company Lasrever is hoping to make that slog a little less agonizing. They have just announced a crowd funding campaign through IndieGoGo (CLICK HERE) for their upcoming Dark Knight inspired web series Shadow War. The have also released the first trailer, which pits Catwoman against Batman on a rooftop, and their sexual tension has never been more blatant. Check out this first footage from Shadow War

Shadow War Batman photo #1
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Shadow War Batman photo #4
Shadow War Batman photo #3
Shadow War Batman Photo #4
Shadow War Batman Photo #5

Here is Lasrever's mission statement:

Shadow War is a fan film by fan filmmakers. We chose to take it to IndieGoGo because this site is making passion projects like ours possible. Shadow War is a large endeavor and up until this point, we have invested thousands of our own dollars to get the project this far. Now we're asking you, the fans of this iconic character, to watch the trailer above and help us get to the finish line.

Our modest goal of $13k will be entirely invested in making the pilot episode of Shadow War the best that it can be. It will be spent on location fees, insurance, effects and make-up, original sound design, post and editorial, professional on-set personnel and great actors. If our campaign gains traction and we are able to meet any stretch goals, all additional funds shall be spent towards additional Shadow War episodes, hopefully the full 6 episodes as scripted but at least 30-60 mins of additional content.

The plot of Shadow War is original but it closely follows the comic book canon, taking place after the death of the 2nd Robin, Jason Todd. Batman has continued his war on crime alone but this is the darkest phase of his career. He blames himself for Jason's death at the hands of The Joker. Now an unknown adversary who is in league with the Dark Knight's worst enemies lures the world's greatest detective into a vast conspiracy.

The trailer includes an uncredited actor playing Batman in the classic grey and navy blue Batsuit inspired by the Arkham video game series.

Says Peter Marshall Smith, writer, director and editor of Shadow War:

"Why Batman? Well, comics taught me to read. As a kid I ran around in the grey and blue underoos with my trusty sidekick (my brother as Robin). I watched the 60's reruns, the Saturday morning cartoons and eventually the movies with a sense of wonder. I was obsessed. I still am.

We're all expected to grow up or grow out of that phase. To leave the childish make believe world behind. But I could never shake it and I hope I never do. Instead, I've tried to hold on to that spark - that child-like sense of wonder. And I hope that makes me a better storyteller and a better filmmaker, because that's what I love about watching movies. They transport us to other worlds and give us back that feeling we had as kids when something inside us would leap for joy at the thrill of what we were watching onscreen.

But there's a darker appeal as well. Frank Miller has a theory that Batman's popularity increases whenever times seem bleak. As Frank Miller says, 'Batman takes the darkness within himself and makes it work for the common good.' In an article called The Making of a Modern Myth Jeremy DeFatta elaborates on that theory and asks, 'What darkness lingers in our cultural zeitgeist that might require Batman's fist to sort it out?' I've nurtured this obsession until I had my own answers to that question. Then it all spilled out into a screenplay that constitutes my own take on these mythic characters, in our time now. I hope the diehard fans will give their support."

To find out more and to contribute to the web series, visit IndieGoGo: CLICK HERE

Cast List

  • Batman anonymous
  • Catwoman Jessica James
  • Joker Stephen L. Sullivan
  • Robin Jared Boghosian
  • Two-Face Adam Harrington
  • Court of Owls no_Person|Matt Weinglass
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