In his first directorial effort since 2011's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, David Fincher is bringing Gillian Flynn 's acclaimed novel Gone Girl to the screen this October, from a screenplay written by the author herself. In the movie, Ben Affleck stars as Nick Dunne, a suspect in the disappearance of his wife with whom he has had a falling out. 20th Century Fox has Tweeted out the first photo, which features Affleck speaking to an audience as the search for his missing spouse continues, while a photo of Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) looms in the background.

Gone Girl centers on the relationship between Nick and Amy Dunne, a married couple who have hit a rough patch. Moving to a small town in Missouri from New York after Nick loses his job, Amy is miserable away from the big city, but things become scary when she disappears on the couple's fifth wedding anniversary. To make things even worse, Nick is the prime suspect and there is plenty of evidence against him.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange