Brother's Grimm: The most recent issue of "Empire Magazine" reveals a first look at the upcoming Terry Gilliam project, Brother's Grimm, starring Matt Damon & Heath Ledger.

Joining Gilliam on the set was X2: X-Men United production designer Guy Hendrix Dyas. "Guy's work on this is amazing," added Gilliam. Dyas has had the chance to build and entire fairy tale village on the backlot, ruined castles, and not one but two full sized forests - one studio-based, one outside. RELATED: Brothers Grimm TV Show Planned with Original Movie Writer

"We tried to find a real forest," Dyas explains. "Terry and I spent nearly a month scouting out here trying to find one. But then we realized that to control that environment we'd have to build it on set. So Terry can shoot day or night - do whatever he wants to do."

The magazine visited the set where Matt Damon was licking a toad. Repeatedly, take after take after vomit-inducing take. "It was okay until the lady doctor told me to take these three infection pills afterwards," laughs Damon. "Then again, for the money they're paying me, I can't complain." Also, Gilliam was admiring one of his forests as it's burnt to the ground by an army of Napoleonic soldiers. "Now that's a fire!" he shouts, an impish grin on his face.

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A dark fantasy about the two "Brothers Grimm" (Ledger and Damon) who travel around the Napoleonic countryside vanquishing fake monsters and demons in exchange for cash. When the French government figures out what they're up to, they force the brothers to deal with the real thing