Marvel's Ant-Man began shooting in San Francisco this week, and the /ant-man-adds-mad-men-star-john-slattery-and-judy-greer/official announcement has been followed by our /first-look-at-paul-rudd-as-scott-lang-in-ant-man/first look at Paul Rudd out of costume as Scott Lang, and then /first-ant-man-set-video-and-photos-featuring-paul-rudd/on set weathering a faux rainstorm. Today, we get to see Evangeline Lilly as Hope Van Dyne, daughter of Hank Pym, showing off her new look for the Marvel Phase 3 adventure on Instagram. Take a look:

"How's my new do?"

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"First day on set with #PaulRudd. #ilovemylife #antman #hopevandyne #scottlang #marvelcomics"

In the comic books, Hope Van Dyne (also known as Hope Pym) is the daughter of Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne (The Wasp). She has a twin brother named Henry Pym, and took on the alias Red Queen as part of the Revengers, hoping to get revenge on the Avengers for, she felt, disgracing her family name. It's been speculated that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will not be following this particular storyline, and that Hope is actually stepping in for her mother as The Wasp on the big screen.

Here is a photo, which shows the Wasp with a very similar hair style:

The Wasp Marvel

Armed with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, con-man Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) must embrace his inner-hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), protect the secret behind his spectacular Ant-Man suit from a new generation of towering threats. Against seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Pym and Lang must plan and pull off a heist that will save the world.

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