Robert Redford talked about his upcoming film The Conspirator with USA Today, revealing the first images of James McAvoy and Toby Kebbell in the film set against the turbulent backdrop of post-Civil War Washington.

Robert Redford and James McAvoy
Toby Kebbell
Robin Wright and James McAvoy

The film centers on Mary Surratt (played by Robin Wright Penn), one of the accused members of a conspiracy to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln, and in the wake of the case, the first woman executed by the US government. James McAvoy plays Frederick Aiken, a Union soldier who reluctantly defends Mary Surratt.

Redford says of the film:

"There was a question of whether she was complicit, guilty by association, or even more guilty. The lawyer that defended her didn't want to defend her. He was a Union soldier who became a lawyer."