The long awaited big screen adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's debut novel The Rum Diary is set to hit screens sometime next year. Johnny Depp, who played Thompson in Terry Gilliam's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, once again slips into the skin of this wily Gonzo journalist. Film Totaal has our first look at Depp in character on the set of The Rum Diary. You can check out the images below:

Johnny Depp in The Rum Diary #1
Johnny Depp in The Rum Diary #2

Begun in 1959 by a then-twenty-two-year-old Hunter S. Thompson, The Rum Diary details the life and events of Paul Kemp, a freelance journalist who finds himself at a critical turning point in his life while writing for a run-down newspaper in the Caribbean. Paul is challenged on many levels as he tries to carve out a more secure niche for himself amidst a group of lost souls all bent on self-destruction. Thompson delivers a potent story that pushes the sometimes-brutal truth of human relations into your face in such a way that it would be absurd to not laugh.