The Daily Show host Jon Stewart makes his anticipated directorial debut with the upcoming drama Rosewater, which will hit theaters in limited release this November. Teh movie appears to be a great departure from what the comedian is usually known for. Starring Gael García Bernal, Rosewater is based on the best-selling memoir They Came For Me, which follows journalist Maziar Bahari's true-life experiences of being imprisoned and tortured for 118 days following the 2009 Iranian election.

EW has our first look at this stirring thriller, which feature Gael García Bernal and Jon Stewart working together on set. We also get to see Gael García Bernal as Maziar Bahari before his capture, working out in the field with his equipment.

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After making the movie, Jon Stewart shared this tip for totalitarian regimes:

"Don't arrest journalists, because they have a mind for detail."

Jon Stewart felt some responsibility for Maziar Bahari's capture, as a The Daily Show sketch was used as evidence in convicting the journalist as a spy. The comedian was so impressed with Maziar Bahari's book that they became close friends, and Jon Stewart felt he needed to make this movie.

"I like to get people arrested before I get to know them...[Rosewater] may not be what people expect from me; it's not a comedy. I hope people view it for what it is-a love letter to expression and the importance of it. It's everything."
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange