/first-look-at-christian-bale-in-exodus-from-director-ridley-scott/Way back in December, we got our first look at Christian Bale as Moses in director Ridley Scott's biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings. Today, EW has our first look at Christian Bale's costars as well as new images of him riding into battle on horseback. Check out Joel Edgerton and Sigourney Weaver for a tiny taste of this sweeping journey as Moses leads the Israelites out of Egypt and into the Sinai desert, where they will eventually find their Promised Land.

Christian Bale as Moses in Exodus

About taking on the role of Moses in Exodus: Gods and Kings, Christian Bale acknowledges that there is no way to compete with Charlton Heston in The Ten Commandments.

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"Charlton Heston does Charlton Heston better than anyone. But the biblical account of Moses is extraordinary, and there was lots of room for us to go to places that [Charlton Heston's movie] The Ten Commandments never dreamed of going. [There are] No fake beards. There's nothing mild about the Exodus or Moses."

Joel Edgerton as Ramses in Exodus

Joel Edgerton portrays the lead villain Ramses, Pharaoh of Egypt. He had this to say about the real man behind the character,

"You take the hair off a man you never know what he's going to look like. It's like when you throw a bucket of water on a little dog. When Ridley first called me I have to admit I was like, 'Really, me-Pharaoh of Egypt?' But he made it work."

Sigourney Weaver in Exodus

Sigourney Weaver plays Tuya, mother of Joel Edgerton's Ramses in Exodus: Gods and Kings. Here we see her in full Egyptian garb as she evokes Cleopatra whilst taking direction from Ridley Scott on set. The two first collaborated on 1979's hit thriller Alien.

Christian Bale as Moses in Exodus #2

About the man, Christian Bale had this to say about the real Moses,

"He's one of the most fascinating characters that I've ever studied. I think Achilles is described as the most passionate man alive but I think Moses would give him a very good run for his money."

<strong><em>Exodus: Gods and Kings</em></strong> Photo

About the story in Exodus: Gods and Kings, Ridley Scott explains his approach,

"What I thought I knew about Moses I didn't really. Either I wasn't paying attention in Sunday school or I had forgotten. I was knocked out by who he was and the basics of the story-it has to be one of the greatest adventures and spiritual experiences that could ever have been."

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