Hasbro has posted images of their upcoming line of Transformers action figures. Inspired in design, by the Protoform characters in the upcoming live-action movie, these preview figures feature Starscream and Optimus Prime in their Cybertronian forms.

CLICK HERE to check out the action figures. Click on each image to see a bigger version!

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Introduced in 1984, the Transformers brand took the world by storm with its compelling saga of the Autobots versus the Decepticons. The innovative "Robots in Disguise" resulted in a tremendously successful toy line from Hasbro and Takara, comic book series, television program and an animated feature film. More than 20 years later, a new generation has discovered the excitement of the Transformers brand and its legendary characters, including the two leaders of the opposing sides: Optimus Prime and Megatron. Today, the franchise features a popular toy line, an animated series on the Cartoon Network and a chart-topping comic book series from IDW Publishing.

Transformers arrives in theatres on July 4th, 2007.