Yahoo! Movies has debuted the first two official images from the upcoming film The Green Hornet, which will arrive in theaters nationwide on January 14, 2011. Click on these two new images below, which feature Seth Rogen as the title character and Jay Chou as Kato.

Seth Rogen as The Green Hornet and Jay Chou as KatoSince the character itself is not as well known as say Batman or Spider-Man, {61} talked about what he thought they we need to do in order for the film to find an audience. I think that thought is exactly what led us to say that this is the approach that we needed to take and we looked at {62}. I remember when {63} came out. I drove by a billboard with my girlfriend and she said, who's {64}? They did a good job at taking {65} and believe it or not... he was a relatively unknown Marvel character when that first movie came out and they did a good job at introducing it, said the actor. They didn't really tease it. There was no teaser. They just kind of showed you exactly what it was and that's something that we talked about. That they successfully took a pretty obscure character, made him well known, introduced him to people and that's kind of what we realized we had to do. Not show our version of {66} but say here's what the fuck {67} is.
Seth Rogen and Jay Chou in The Green HornetIn 2008, Sony Pictures announced that they had secured the rights to the character and were moving forward with a film based on {26} and {27}'s script and starring {28} in the lead role. Hong Kong action/comedy star Stephen Chow was originally planning to direct the film and star as Kato but eventually left due to creative differences, allowing room for {29} and {30} to enter the project. In fact ironically, {31} was in talks to direct the film when he first came to Hollywood in the '90s when the project was at Universal. Eventually {32} signed on as Lenore and {33} was in talks to play the villain but also backed out at the last minute due to creative differences, which allowed recent Oscar-winner {34} to step into the villainous role of Chudnofsky.