The first photo from the upcoming 2009 remake of Friday the 13th has popped online. Take a look...

On the set of Friday the 13th
Bay, Form and I decided long ago that the opportunity to remake FRIDAY THE 13TH was only worthwhile if we could do it right. Along the way to this balmy night outside Austin, Texas there is a wide swath of discarded scripts, fired actors, and wardrobe pictures that would have been the subject of endless berating amongst the online community. But through it all we remained focused on the path to attempt to produce a great horror film, worthy of its lineage. And tonight, my fourth on set, but the first that brought me face to face with Mr. Voorhees in all his glory - I can tell you without hesitation that every minute of frustration, pain and misery was worth it - really worth it, because tonight Jason Vorhees scared the shit out of me. No, he didn't threaten me with that huge machete; all he did was look into the camera and every hair on my body stood up. Derek Mears captures the best of the all the Jason's and injects the character with his own element of tangible menace. RELATED: LL Cool Jason Raps 'Mamma Said Chop You Now' in the Merkins' New Horror Parody Video

In this movie you will see a feral, brutal Jason who is hell-bent on killing in astonishing ways. And tonight our director, Marcus Nispel, constructed a shot of Jason as he is about to strike that is when I got scared. The shot is iconic in its construction. It's our 'Batman' or 'Spiderman' shot and when you see the movie you will know exactly what I am talking about. It is the single shot that tells you everything you need to know about Jason.

I so badly want to post that image right here and now, but if I did even Jason couldn't protect me from the army of lawyers and execs who would want to kill me. But here is what I will do! I am working hard to get pictures from the set and my present to you is the first ever behind-the-scenes photo from FRIDAY THE 13TH! The image shows my partner, Andrew Form and me hanging on set in front of a Crystal Lake police car in between set ups. What you are seeing is the before version of the car - the after version has considerably more blood and broken glass. But, let's start slow, get the suits used to me leaking stuff here on my blog and see how far we can take it. Sound good?

- Brad Fuller