Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers The Folks over at War of the Ring.net have posted some scans from the UK Magazine, HOTDOG. Pages four and five of War of the Ring.net's scans contain the first review of The Two Towers!

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Moviefans.de have provided us with the actual transcribed text that came from the HOTDOG review as well...take a look:

One word rings out as an awesome achievement - "Gollum". It's the most impressive use of CGI characterisation ever seen. Then there are two words that stand out - "Helm's Deep". Forty-five minutes of monumental action, staggering in every way, from the stunt work to the sheer scale and audacity of what's been attempted. Then there are four words that stand out - "the whole bloody film"! The Two Tower surpasses all levels of expectation, an in the process it make everything that The Fellowship Of The Ring achieved look tame by comparison.

Three hours of plot weave two seperate story strand together; Frodo and Sam's efforts to reach Mordor are hampered by Gollum, who wants his "Precious" ring back, while Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli fight to save Merry and Pippin.

Along the way, Gandalf reappears, miraculously resurrected and now white instead of grey, and Sauron's army of Urak-Hai grow to terrifying proportions as the Dark Lord prepares for conquest. Get ready to witness the War of the Ring, because nothing you've ever seen before compares to it. It might be worth ensuring that there are no unpleasant sticky substances on the cinema carpet by your feet, because that's where your jaw is going to be ending up when you get to the siege of Helm's Deep...

War is unleashed, the mouth of hell disgorges its minions, and an attack takes place that obliterates all wonderings of "How did they do that shot?" in an instant, because you simply don't have time to think.

A major advantage throughout the film is that we're already familiar with the leads, so Jackson and Fran Walsh's script wastes no time with introducing them and just rockets forward, firing on all cylinders with no shred of material you could accuse of being superfluous, let alone boring, on screen.

The creatures range from the staggering, with the sub-breeds of orc and tank-like oliphaunts seriously impressing, to ones whose blatant CGI origins you can forgive, like the orc chargers, the wargs, and walking woodman Treebeard, perfectly vocalised by John Rhys Davies, who still plays the ever-grumbling Gimli as well. But the money shots seem to cast the spotlight on Gollum more than any of the others. How much of a part of Andy Serkis is left in there is a mystery, but this is the kind of moment when you wonder how long it will take before there's a Best CGI Supporting Actor category at the Oscars. To misquote Bela Lugosi's thoughts on Boris Karloff in Ed Wood, "Jar Jar Binks isn't worthy enough to sniff Gollum's shit."

Tolkien purists will moan in some quarters - vital bits are missing, sections have been left out for inclusion in the third film. Still, nonen of this really matters when it comes down to the fact that The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is a certifiable epic.

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