Ride Along 2 isn't wasting any time! Production has already started in Miami with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, even though the first Ride Along only came out a little more than six months ago. The first installment of this hit comedy earned a whopping $134 million off a $25 million budget, so it's no wonder why a sequel is already deep into shooting.

The original followed security guard Ben, who goes on a ride along with his soon to be brother-in-law, decorated APD detective James, with the hopes of impressing him before he makes that final move and proposes to his longtime girlfriend. This time around, Ben and James are on a new case in Miami, which promises to bring bigger laughs and more action than the first.

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Check out Ice Cube and Kevin Hart as they offer a sneak peek at their new surroundings.

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart return as James and Ben, who must tackle a new case in the heat of Miami.