Following the /director-zack-snyder-denies-any-involvement-with-new-star-wars-franchise/news that Zack Snyder was not involved with the first stand-alone Star Wars project last month, said to be based on Seven Samurai, new rumors have emerged that Yoda will be at the center of the first stand-alone spin-off film in the Star Wars Universe.

Other characters said to be getting their own films over the next decade include Boba Fett and Han Solo . George Lucas himself is said to have pitched an adventure that revolves around Jabba the Hutt. None of these films will be directly tied into J.J. Abrams' upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII, or the trilogy that it is kick-starting.

Nothing has been confirmed by Disney or Lucasfilm. There are absolutely no details in regards to the Yoda movie. It isn't known if he will be a Muppet or CGI, or if he will be young or old. All that is known is that Yoda is going to be first in this new universe of stand-alone adventures.

Star Wars: Episode VII is in development and will hit theaters in 2015, so plans for these other film are likely to be delayed for years to come. We likely won't see the Yoda movie until at lease 2020.