A few days ago NBC announced their full 2010-2011 primetime schedule and yesterday we gave you a first look at the first videos from the network's new slate of dramatic programming. Today we have the first videos from the network's new comedies - Outsourced, Love Bites, Perfect Couples, Friends with Benefits and The Paul Reiser Show - and the network's new one-hour reality series School Pride as well. Click below to watch all of these new videos and you can /nbc-reveals-full-2010-2011-primetime-schedule/CLICK HERE to learn more about these new shows as well.

/first-look-at-video-from-new-nbc-dramas-undercovers-the-event-the-cape-chase-outlaw-and-harrys-law/Click Here for your first look at NBC's new and upcoming Fall/Winter dramas!


Love Bites

Perfect Couples

Friends with Benefits

The Paul Reiser Show

School Pride